I got in an argument.
There's something about
a 30-something who has
worked and then decided
to commit himself
to a life of non-financially profitable exercise
that smells of failure,
escape from inadequacy

I'm ashamed that I feel this way
I wonder sometimes what I'm doing here

One of my rabbis from home visited me today!!!! Rav. Lopiansky is my hero today... Wow I'm such a dork.


so for two weeks or so the internet has been down here... then I got strep throat... but I'm back on the horse. I owe DMZ and MichL and a bunch of other people email... sorry

Easter in December

in certain quarters of the city
it would make sense
to have christmas
accouterment lined up
next to the Hanukkah oil

but it's just a little early for easter

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I almost got killed on the road today

I'll admit I feel a little traumatized
no, not traumatized, confused
the same way I was
when told the I couldn't play a good guy
in a game of good 'ole boys
versus anything else

This time I didn't freeze in horror
as the rocks came flying
running sharply
off the edge of the dirt road
The arab spit out his window at me
a gesture both, futile and forceful

I don't understand yet
but unfortunately I probably will

Malka Mandolin

Last week I was invited to a melava malka
I was told that it was just some "carlebachish" thing

But as I entered the cramped apartment
I said the same thing
that I always said
when I went to the co-op at the student union
I smell hippie.

It was good times though
I left when it went from
"share carlebachey stories"
to "party with the man and
his mandolin"
because my foot hurt and
shacharis is at 7:00


The tour guide pointed and said
"does anyone know why there are numbers on this building?"
And I knew the answer

Go team! ;)

Nikiyon Tzion

I ain't sayin' jerusalem ain' gold
but summa here be smellin' like mold

With Kanye West blaring in the background
I have set off, with about 50 guys from other yeshivas
To clean all of Jerusalem

Sure, logistically it's impossible
but the goal is awareness
and since I had been complaining
about the locals treating the place
like a dump
money -> mouth

We Darche guys
were the oldest ones there,
environmental awareness became
college advising,
so I searched for interesting bits
and nodded my head to Kanye

Yao! yao! yao!

So on one of my trips to tel aviv
I was accosted by a man shouting
"yao yao yao"
this is what, "yo, yo, yo"
sounds like in the local dialect

American ghetto culture
has spread across the world
divorced of the cultural reality
that spurned it
bringing bouncing bass and booty shaking
to every corner of the globe
letting us all party like the underclass

So on one of my trips to tel aviv
I was accosted by a man shouting
"yao, yao, yao"
his bling is a Magen David
and his raps are in hebrew