black rage

So I'm about to get on a bus
go back from Tsfat to Jerusalem

The line is packed
The bus is late
and we've all been
waiting in line for an hour

So when kicked in the legs
by an overeager yeshiva bokher
to get back home
to the holiest city in the holy land
what does one do?

A: Yell "BLACK RAGE!!!" and pound his head in
B: Yell at him constructive points about how it may not be good for his health to continue kicking you
C: Calmly turn around and ask him to stop, thereby shaming him and revealing your righteousness

I chose B

PS: this post is not a commentary on racial relations in Israel the United States or any other country, it was an attempt to introduce a quote from a funny movie
PPS: This day gives me an opportunity to tell the newest joke floating around the Yeshiva:
You know you're in yeshiva when you don't even realize that it's New Years Eve... Wow we're funny