My Cave

Every morning
I go running around Beit HaKerem
with a discman
and "Kanye West"
well, to be completely honest
it's not always "Kanye West"
it's often "Frank Sinatra"
"Kings of Convenience"
or sometimes
"Belle and Sebastian"

I jog along to the music
delight in the moment of
So I can return to my cave
a bit happier.

Snow day

the downside of living in
"the land of our forefathers"
is that winter is only about
two months long
I miss the being able to
wake up in the morning
and survey the expanse
of whiteness



I had a horrible dream last night, with the adrenaline still pumping I rolled over and wrote this (edits in brackets for clarity):
i dreamt that I was in some area, a resort or a cam(p area of some sort) or perhapss I was forced to be there. But I violated shabbos and picked up[ the phone, and my mother was on the other end and she said in a scared voice, "I keeep on getting lost, I can't help it" Hellp me I don't know where I am "(Tol) they're talking about tackling me!" and I said "why" but I instantly knew that it was because we were "different" and then I asked "where are you?" and she said I don't know, and I got a sinking feeling that no matter how I violated shobbos she'd still be dead by the time I got there... and (I) got more and more scared, (and started) yelling "Where are you" and hearing (back over the phone) "i don't KNOW" and getting more scared.... then I forced myself awake.


Old Posts -

Today I played the bongos
not well
not badly
just painfully

The fingers on my right hand
are swollen and calloused
red turning to purple
sausages of sand

Good gig though

I'm excited
excited like I've been out all night
excited like I danced with a pretty girl
excited like I'm coming from a punk show
I'm excited
because I just played music for a bar mitzvah?

Yeshiva, reacquainting baal teshuvas with simple pleasures since time began.

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